Holy Redeemer
Holy Redeemer


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Love, Honour, Respect and Service
First Sunday service 2nd Advent
Everyone except the cameraman

Worship Service:    Sunday 11:00am



Winmalee Community Hall

376-378 Hawkesbury Road

Winmalee NSW 2777


Bible Study with Vespers Skyped Every Wednesday 7.30 telephone Parish for directions


We are an inclusive, all welcoming, non-denominational Sacramental Christian community with Franciscan leadership, who are called to Love God, Honour the Christ in others and to Respect each ones’ circumstances and spiritual journey.

 If you too, have the desire to rediscover who Jesus is and how you are called to serve Him- why not join us on Sundays and see if the Holy Spirit invites you to journey with us?'

The icon of Jesus was written by St Andre Rublev, considered by many to be one of the greatest icon writers who ever lived.

The icon was damaged during the communist rule in Russia and was rediscovered by accident. Sadly, as you can see, the only part of the icon which remains intact is Jesus' face.

An ECCA Parish in the Care of the Ecumenical Franciscan order

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